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Packing Guide: How to Pack Appliances & Electronics

Packing Guide: How to Pack Appliances & Electronics

Colorado Hi-Tec provides full service packing/unpacking services. However, if you decide to pack your items yourself, follow these pro tips.

Major appliances

Many appliances require servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving. Upon request, Colorado Hi-Tec will gladly schedule a third-party to provide these services on your behalf. You may be able to perform most of the requirements yourself.

Refrigerators and freezers should be emptied of all food. Shelves should be either secured in place or detached and wrapped. The electric cord should be unplugged and taped to the back. Icemakers should be disconnected from the water line and drained in advance.

Washing machines should have all hoses disconnected and put in a carton. If you elect to place hoses in the tub or drum, be sure to wrap the metal couplings with cloth or paper to avoid damage to the tub’s surface from bouncing or vibration. The electric cord should be unplugged and taped to the back. On a top loading washer, the washer drum should be secured. We would be happy to give advice on the best way to do this. The drums in front loading washers must be secured with bolts provided by the manufacturer. If the bolts have been lost you should contact your local dealer.

Dryers should have the vent hose removed. The electric cord should be taped to the back.

Small appliances

Clocks, radios and other smaller appliances should be individually wrapped and packed along with linens or towels or surrounded with crushed paper for protection. Electronics and grandfather clocks Original manufacturer’s packaging provides the best protection for moving electronic goods. If these are not available, large or medium cartons should be used and the item well wrapped and cushioned.

Larger home electronics, such as plasma, LCD and flat panel televisions, should be packed in the original container if possible. If the original packaging is not available, the monitor or television should be wrapped and crated for maximum protection. Once packed, it will be loaded as a standard item. Computers and grandfather clocks require special pre-move preparation. Consult with Colorado Hi-Tec to determine requirements for moving these items.

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Customer Reviews

ACTS Food Bank would like to thank Colorado Hi-Tec Moving for their continued support in helping us out with our annual “Stamp Out Hunger” Can Food Drive. We appreciate all of your help over the past years!! We received over 15,000 lbs of can goods that will feed multitudes of hungry people!!

Nancy Mae R.

Facebook Review

Colorado Hi-Tec did a great job packing our things for us and putting into storage. Very organized team showed up on packing day and again the next day for moving. Three trucks pulled in at once and loaded up one right after the other. Packers did a great job marking each box with item contents. We highly recommend them!

Barb N. C.

Facebook Review

Manuel and Gavin packed my household goods today, 27 June, and were extremely efficient and polite. They answered all of my questions and were very knowledgeable about my moving process. They showed up on time and packed my goods quickly. Thank you for the positive experience Colorado Hi-Tec! And thank you to Manuel and Gavin for making the process so seamless!

Abby S.

Facebook Review

This has been our best experience with a moving company to date.Rafael, Mike, Richard and Zeth were very professional and efficient. Beyond working well and quickly, they advised us on how to best store our goods. Further, they helped us inspect our furniture before we moved it into our family’s house. And, unlike other moving companies we have worked with, they cleaned up afterwards by removing all nails and debris in our driveway and our house.

Mike U.

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Great people – from the top down or vice versa! Krista & Richard were great to pack it all up and it was 2 full days of packing. Once, for pictures and once for final move. Professional, likable, helpful & kind. I would recommend this company again.

Kathy C.

Facebook Review

The packers and movers were very accomodating, pleasant, efficient and honest.
Very happy with the move.

Helen G. Review

Pete V and Dave K, did an excellent job of moving our Father’s furnishings and books, out of his old residence and to our house basement for storage. They were efficient, careful and cheerful despite the long stairway to our basement.

I would highly recommend their services.

Cheryl A. Review

On time, courteous AWESOME. Big shout out to Rafael, Mike and Alvin. Moved our stuff from our old house with a million stairs to our new house with not so many stairs but some weird corners without incident……Kuddos to them!!!!!!

Merlene F.

Yelp Review

Raphael and Zaph were professional and very quick. We live on the third floor so carrying up all of our boxes wasn’t the easiest task (there are no elevators in our building!). They worked quickly and efficiently. I have had some bad experiences with movers in the past, but these guys were rock stars! SUPERB employees!

Ieva B.

Yelp Review

We had a very difficult move – moving Mom from her apartment to memory care. We could not pre-pack the majority of her apartment because of her mental state. We were stressed and things were very chaotic, however; Don, Ralf and Brent were very understanding and patient with us. If you need to be moved from Wind Crest to Mill Vista Memory Care, we would highly recommend.

Lynn G.

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